Australian Dictionary of Biography

Chris has been involved with the Dictionary for more than 40 years. For much of that period he was a member of the Armed Services Working Party, which selected personages for inclusion and identified authors who might be approached to undertake the writing of entries. He is author of 47 articles published in Volumes 7-18 of the ADB series. Eight more are scheduled to appear in Volume 19 (due for publication in 2020); seven of these articles have already been published online.

A list of all entries is provided below. Articles already published can be found in the ADB online (

vol.7 (1979):
Airey, Henry Parke (1842-1911) soldier
Bridges, Sir William Throsby (1861-1915) soldier
Cheeseman, William Joseph Robert (1894-1938) soldier and businessman

vol.8 (1981)
Currey, William Matthew (1895-1948) soldier and politician
de Mole, Lancelot Eldin (1880-1950) engineer and inventor
Ewen, John Carr (1892-1951) farmer, soldier and businessman
Finn, Henry (Harry) (1852-1924) soldier

vol.9 (1983)
Glasfurd, Duncan John (1873-1916) soldier
Grant, Douglas (1885-1951) draughtsman and soldier
Harrison, Eric Fairweather (1880-1948) soldier and politician
Holdsworth, Albert Armytage (1875-1932) businessman and soldier
Irving, Godfrey George Howy (1867-1937) soldier
James, Tristram Bernard Wordsworth (1883-1939) soldier
Jess, Sir Carl Herman (1884-1948) soldier

vol.10 (1986)
Legge, James Gordon (1863-1947) army officer
Macnaghten, Charles Melville (1879-1931) solicitor and soldier
Milne, Edmund Osborn (1886-1963) railway official and soldier
Murray, Pembroke Lathrop (1846-1929) journalist and soldier

vol.11 (1988)
Nicholson, Edmund James Houghton (1870-1955) soldier, mineral buyer and horticulturist
Parnell, John William (1860-1931) soldier
Price, Thomas Caradoc Rose (1842-1911) soldier
Sandford, Augustus Henry (1859-1923) army officer

vol.12 (1990)
Steele, Alexander (1888-1917) soldier
Thorpe, Harry (1886-1918) soldier
Watson, Charles Vincent (1882-1930) public servant and soldier
Wieck, George Frederick Gardells (1881-1973) soldier
Wiltshire, Aubrey Roy Liddon (1891-1969) banker and soldier

vol.13 (1993)
Anderson, William Hopton (1891-1975) air force officer
Charlesworth, Alan Moorhouse (1903-1978) air force officer
Coleman, Patrick Eugene (Johnny) (1892-1950) public servant and army officer
Crace, Sir John Gregory (Jack) (1887-1968) naval officer
De La Rue, Hippolyte Ferdinand (1891-1977) merchant seaman and air force officer

vol.14 (1996)
Eaton, Charles (1895-1979) air force officer and diplomat
Hannah, Sir Colin Thomas (1914-1978) air force officer and governor
Hosking, Richard (1877-1971) physicist and teacher

vol.15 (2000)
Letcher, Victor Frederick (1892-1968) public servant
Lloyd, Charles Edward Maurice (1899-1956) army officer
Malley, Garnet Francis (1892-1961) air force officer, warehouse manager and planter
Packer, Gerald (1900-1962) army and air force officer, businessman and government adviser

vol.16 (2002)
Pither, Alfred George (1908-1971) air force officer
Pollard, Sir Reginald George (1903-1978) army officer
Wrigley, Hugh (1891-1980) army officer

vol.17 (2007)
Anderson, Charles Groves Wright (1897-1985) soldier, grazier and politician
Kyle, Sir Wallace Hart (1910-1988) air force officer and governor

vol.18 (2012)
Lambert, Bruce Philip (1912-1990) surveyor and public servant
McCauley, Sir John Patrick Joseph (1899-1989) air force officer
Raw, Peter Frank (1922-1988) air force officer

vol.19 (forthcoming)
Falkinder, Charles William Jackson (1921-1993) air force officer and politician (online 2017)
Grant, Arthur Stanley (1913-1991) air force officer and company director (online 2018)
Henderson, William George (1919-1995) army officer
Leonard, Jack Graham (1929-1995) air force chaplain (online 2019)
McAloney, William Simpson (1910-1995) air force officer (online 2019)
Noble, Rodney (1921-1995) air force officer (online 2019)
Robertson, Kenneth Victor (1915-1994) air force officer (online 2019)
Susans, Ronald Thomas (1917-1992) air force officer (online 2019)