Duntroon (1986)

Duntroon (1986)

ISBN 0 86861 883 7

For three-quarters of a century, the Royal Military College has trained the Australian Army’s officer corps. Three years after its establishment its graduates were to lead men in battle from the trenches of the Great War. At the end of World War II, its graduates provided the majority of the members of the Army’s upper echelons. For 50 years, it has also made a unique contribution to the training of New Zealand’s Army.

From 1986, with the creation of the Australian Defence Force Academy, Duntroon will undergo a major transformation. Here is the fascinating story of Duntroon’s first 75 years, told from the official records supplemented with a wealth of other material gathered from a wide variety of sources—the recollections of former cadets and staff, the papers of distinguished graduates and the writings of those involved with the special problems of training the armed forces of Australia.

The result is a comprehensive and often lively account of the impact that a small, sometimes controversial, institution has had on our national life.


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September 8, 1986