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Olof’s Suitcase (2015)

Olof’s Suitcase (2015)

ISBN 9780994232304

In 1930 Swedish immigrant Olof Johanson became the mystery man in the controversial and ultimately tragic attempt to find Lasseter’s ‘lost’ gold reef in Central Australia. His role and what became of him remained unknown for over 80 years … until Melbourne film-maker Luke Walker began researching his 2012 documentary Lasseter’s Bones.

After Luke Walker contacted Olof’s Australian-born daughter Alvhild, the story finally began to unfold … just in time. In 2013 Alvhild Johanson died.

A year later, two of Alvhild’s sons traveled to Sweden to visit their grandfather’s grave and meet surviving members of his family. They were given the suitcase that Olof carried with him when he returned home 65 years earlier, along with a unique collection of photographs which recorded the 35 years Olof spent in Australia.

The puzzle was now complete.


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September 8, 2015