The RAAF in Vietnam (1995)

The RAAF in Vietnam (1995)

ISBN 1 86373 305 1

The RAAF in Vieetnam is the fourth volume of the Official History of Australia’s involvement inĀ Southeast Asian conflicts from 1948-75. Beginning with the earliest moves to attain a Royal Australian Air Force presence in South Vietnam in 1962, it deals with the steady commitment of squadrons and specialist personnel from 1964 until the commencement of the general withdrawal of Australian forces in 1971-72, before describing the RAAF’s brief return during the republic’s final days in 1975.

By focusing on the different roles fulfilled by the air force throughout the conflict, this volumeĀ gives a fuller understanding of the nature and scale of this service’s contribution than has been hitherto available. It also points to some of the after-effects of the Vietnam War on the development of air power in Australia.

In compiling this book, Chris Clark has drawn on a range of published and unpublished accounts, and numerous interviews with participants, as well as enjoying the privilege of access to government archives traditional with such histories. American and New Zealand records have also been consulted, recognising that much of the Australian air involvement was integrated into the wider allied effort and must be considered in that context.


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September 8, 1995