The Third Brother (1991)

The Third Brother (1991)

ISBN 0 04 442307 1

The Royal Australian Air Force celebrated its 70th anniversary during 1991. To commemorate this milestone, the Chief of the Air Staff in 1987 commissioned the writing of a history of the service covering the formative years, from its establishment in 1921 until 1939, thereby filling in the gap between the official histories of Australian air power in the First and Second World Wars. The outcome of this initiative is The Third Brother, a major historical achievement which is destined to become the definitive study of the period.

The Third Brother is a comprehensive account of the RAAF in the years leading to the start of the Second World War, documenting the establishment and growth of the service, its personalities¬†and problems, low points as well as triumphs. In particular it describes the struggle of the third member of Australia’s defence triad to gain acceptance as a co-equal of the Army and Navy.

Anyone who has ever served in the RAAF or has an interest in the story of the development of Australian defence capability will be sure to find new facts and insights concerning the last-born of¬†Australia’s ‘great military family’.


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September 8, 1991